Things to consider when Buying an LED Light Bar

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buying an LED light bar

The whole purpose of LED light bars are to make your vehicle be seen. So the LED bar that you buy must be able to last in any conditions. The tougher the better.

These will keep you safe, control traffic, and make you visible to others on the road. They need to be bright and powerful, choosing a great LED light bar will prevent you from wasting money in the long run.

Brand Name

Buying from a well known and trusted brand, can make your purchase a lot more stress free. Knowing that you have a good brand name means your light bar wont let you down when you need it most. Rigid Industries and Black Oak are great brands that have a good reputation in the industry.


Quality is very important when buying LEDs, there are a lot of cheap LEDs out there, which have given LEDs a bad rap. In order to pick up the best LED light bar you should look at the type of LEDs that they use. Quality of the LED goes hand in hand with the brand of the light bar.


Make sure when you buy a product, that it is always backed by a manufacturers warranty. This way you know if anything does happen down the line, you are covered and are able to get it fixed or replaced. Nothing is worse than buying something brand new and it breaking less than a year of you using it. This also shows that the Brand has trust in its own product. Always a great sign.


When buying anything, make sure you know exactly what the product does and how to use it. Features can make or break the light bar you buy. Especially if you are stuck in an emergency situation. Take your time and really study each product and each feature that you want in it.

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