How to become a Good DJ

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DJ Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten. There are few countries that have produced so many great DJs and the Netherlands. Good example is followed naturally. In the Netherlands, many novice DJs dream them to be able to follow in the footsteps of these toppers. At we get regularly presented with the question: how do I become a good DJ ?! Of course we can not answer it. But we can give tips to help the novice DJ on the road!

What makes a DJ?
Who wants to be a DJ, has one great passion: music. Not only will listen DJ love for music, a DJ must also be a music collector. A DJ should be in possession of hours of music, so as to have good enough records to fill every night.

learning to dj

automatically a music connoisseur a music collector is. A DJ knows all his records. In order not to come to stand for surprises, which is of great importance. Where are the vocal parts? Where are the documents without a beat? Departs the number somewhere on the standard size cartridge? It is very annoying when a mix suddenly faced with unexpected changes in any of the songs. In addition to his music connoisseur is knowledge of music is also very important. As a DJ you know what sizes are and how to count. We come back later.
Tip: listen new music at Online DJ Guide, always quite a few times before you start using them!  

Who wants to be a DJ, is directly confronted with making choices. Because the amount of available DJ equipment looks just as great as the amount of its DJs to be found there!There is a select group of DJs who still works with vinyl records and turntables. In addition, there is a whole other group that is growing, consisting of DJs who spin with a digital MIDI controller, a laptop and an MP3 database. A setup that many know, and that will be addressed in this piece, is a setup with two CD players and the best type of DJ mixer. But in fact, the basis of the run for almost every DJ same.

type DJ
DJ Who wants to be, must themselves have a clear picture in mind what type of DJ he wants to be. Thereby own taste in music is one image you very important for a DJ. There is obviously a difference between a drivein show DJ, who takes all kinds of music, and a DJ who specializes in one particular style. We assume in this article a drive-in show DJ as an example, because of its versatility in music styles, where he’ll face.

Who wants to be a DJ, his audience should be able to feel. A good DJ can see is valued directly to his audience or a particular choice of music. You can run as a DJ so many good records; if not catch your favorite songs and do not dance, you will have to try something else. The feel of your audience may succeed or flop the evening! What atmosphere hangs in the hall? What kind of mood prevails among your audience? Which songs would be appropriate? Always look good around you when you’re running. Take the hall and your audience you and customize it to your music.

the Mix
Who wants to be a DJ, should be able to mix. During the making of the mix, all the previously mentioned aspects together. If you go with your favorite music equipment to create a blend between two plates that you know your audience she likes. Then it’s just more important to let the two plates fused into a smooth mix!

Mixing can be done in different ways. But, we repeat it but just once, a blend must always meet certain conditions. Make sure you turn the good record at the right time. And make sure you choose the mix that is requested at the time!

As said, we take as an example two CD players and a DJ mixer. To create a mix you need these three devices simultaneously, in combination with headphones. Easy said;Let the number of A CD player through the mixer defection to the song that plays CD Player B. This is achieved by the slide where CD Player A is connected to do down and slide the CD player B to make up. Mixing in a nutshell. You will understand that just anything is more to making a good mix!

good record
First let’s further deepen the three conditions for creating a good mix. We start with the good record. It is the most important choice you as a DJ while turning to make every time, “what I turn next?” Of course you can do to work to figure out what you want to run home that night. Ask in advance Always check what kind of audience you are dealing with. On that basis you choose for yourself if a large number of records that you can definitely go running that night. Obviously this is just a tool, because every night is different than you imagined before! So make sure that you as a DJ always have a varied range of music with you, so that you can easily make a switchover in music as there is demand.

Right moment
The second condition we set is that the good record mixes in at the right time. Here we come back to the fact that a DJ should have knowledge of music. It is important to know what music is built up. Although there is a lot of difference seems to sit in music, is the build-up in virtually all the same music. Simply put, you can divide a sheet into a plurality of blocks of eight or sixteen measures. A measure consists of four beats. If you are not versed in how music is constructed, we recommend that you listen to some good records and to look for the body. Recognize the division into verses and choruses, and make your own self to count music. Listen to this example mix of other DJs. You will find that count one of the most important aspects of making a good mix! When you understand how music is constructed, will recognize you when is the right time for a mix. Start in the mixing plate at the moment when a block of eight or sixteen measures expired on the first beat of the next block.

The right way
The last condition which we appreciated was the right way of mixing. Actually, there are two ways you can create a transition between two plates. Of course, to subdivide these ways are again in a variety of different possibilities. The first way is the so-called ‘drop mix’. On the first beat of a new block you start the new record, and gives you exactly the same time the old number away. This can be done in different ways, but the most common situation is that you have two sliders on the mixer and open the gate of the old plate is doing down at the moment you start the new record. The second way is the so-called “beat-mix. With beat-mix you set the speed of the new plate similar to the old plate.You do this through the pitch function. You can find these numbers then smoothly to blend together. At any mix you will need to choose the way of mixing the right one. There are a number of criteria that you can use at your choice. For example, choose a “drop mixture” as the two numbers have a big rate difference, if you’re not quite sure of a difficult ‘beat mix’, or opt for a drop Mix “if you have many plates to rotate in a short time , the so-called “ski lodge” principle.

Drop mix ‘
Let’s go deeper into the drop mix. In fact, this is the roadmap for a good drop mix ‘:
– Select CD Player B is the number that you want to run
– Put on the mixer headphones switch on channel B, so while your CD player A is playing CD player B can listen to
– Find the point where you want the song to hear. This does not have to be the beginning, sometimes it is better to start with a piece of example only contains vocals. Often vocals landmarks
to the public. The CUE button on the CD player, you can set a new starting point.
– Put the channel B slide open so you know when the right time comes direct action can proceed
– Start CD player B on the first beat of the new block and do the slide of CD player A down

Beat mix ‘
As you know, the ‘beat mix’ complicated than the drop mix ‘, which regularly as cut-and-paste job’ is depicted. That’s not entirely true, but who wants to be must of course also have the beat-mix mastered a really good DJ. While many in the beat-mix of feelings coming, this is in fact the roadmap for a simple ‘beat mix’:
– Select CD Player B is the number that you want to run
– Put on the mixer headphones switch on channel B, so while your CD player A is playing CD player B can listen to
– Start CD player B on the first beat of a new block of the old plate
– Make a sliding pitch that the songs have the same pace by passing the new song faster or slower
– When you get the right pace to have the new number, you go back to the starting point
– Wait for the right moment and start on the first beat of a new block of the new record
– Use the jog wheel (turntable) to send it if necessary, if the plate is threatening to walk away from the mix by a slight speed difference
– Gradual slide the cover of CD player B up
– Gradual slide the cover of CD player A Down
Remember when both ways of mixing not keep the GAIN eye. This avoids differences in volume between the plates. Also note that the GAIN is set correctly, as above + 0dB will distort your signal and send! You can see the brightly lit red lights on the VU meters.

Advanced ‘beat mix’
This way, you’ve made a simple smooth transition between two songs. For a really good ‘beat mix’ we go one step further. In the previous steps we have not taken into account how a plate to mix the best is in. For this we rely on the knowledge plates. For good ‘beat mix’ you should know exactly how to get your plates from front to back. You’ll know exactly when you have a piece with just vocals or instrumental piece. You can have two plates so perfectly aligned, to beautify a mix it is also important that records sound alike.Vocals on songs for instance is very ugly. Additionally, you can through the knobs HIGH, TREBLE, BASS and make the mix better. Especially when mixing dance (house) music which is very convenient. When you have the new number coincide and this in’re mixing, put the number BASS to 0. This allows the bass drum CD Player A continues to lead and you only hear the other sounds that a new number is in mixed. So you let the plates several sizes run right, then you get the BASS CD-player A to zero and the BASS CD player B runs open. Now that the new issue is paramount and you can slowly remove the old number.

Obviously, the above examples are just a few of the many possibilities. There are many more ways to make a nice mix, too many to cover here. When you master the drop mix ‘and simple’ beat mix ‘, you’re ready to experiment yourself. Listen to a lot of other DJ’s and try out a lot; only if you learn to be a good DJ! Success!

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